So the usual overnight bus travel stuff. I have a nice dinner at home, set out, and get into the bus, welcomed gloriously the customary loud movie playing on the tv. I settle in, stuff my earphones into my ear, in an effort to mask the noise from the movie. All good here. Some obligatory pondering-while-staring-out-of-bus-window goes on, and a couple of hours pass by thus. The movie gets over, the seat is reclined, and I’m all ready to fall asleep.

And what happens? The guy sitting across aisle decides it’s time to whip his phone out and scroll through all his favourite video forwards and play them one by one. With. No. Earphones. That right there is one of my biggest pet peeves. People, in their excitement to use technology, forget the simplest courtesies. For the next few minutes, I try to make eye contact with him, with a stern look ready on my face….like an idiot, I realise soon, because it’s dark in the bus. 

As a semi-related aside, today is also the last day that political parties here are allowed to campaign in public, before the big election coming up in two days. And what do they do? Put up big rallies in every major junction, inconveniencing the very people they request votes from. 

It’ll be a long time before big groups of people with power start acting responsibly and with courtesy. But isn’t it alright to expect a little of it from educated individuals? Or maybe I’m being a little too optimistic. Lol. Whatever.