There’s something Vineeth Sreenivasan told me a few months back. That all of us have a streak of madness inside us, but only a few lucky ones can actually indulge in expressing it. I’ve been giving that a lot of thought of late.

"mad" in graffiti

Think rockstars, artists, actors, sportspersons, writers… Think walking on to a stage and having the time of your life singing out to thousands… Think filling a blank canvas with stroke after stroke of paint, watching it take shape, letting only your mind guide your hands… Think bringing in your own little quirks to the character you’re playing… Think feeling on top of the world and running around with your tongue sticking out, after nicking in that crucial goal…Think creating a full set of characters, and watching them create a story themselves on paper… They, for a few moments or hours or days, rise above the banalities and concerns of everyday life. They get to experience that high which nothing else can give you. They go beyond the point of being concerned about what everyone thinks of them. They get to express the one gift they’re given, and connect to people through it.

No matter what you do, find a way to express yourself. And whatever that is, bring YOUR madness into it. Because nobody else will.

I thank god for giving me music. For the sheer craziness that it brings!